Student Workbook

Student Workbooks are user friendly and easy to follow and effective resource for both on the job and classroom delivery

Assessment Tools,

Our Assessment Kits, Benchmark Answers, and Mapping, we externally validate our assessment tools to ensure the assessment outcomes comply with the principles of evidence to address the relevant unit of competence

Our Workplace Assessments tools use a range of strategy to guide the student in the workplace, directing them to gather Portfolio of Evidence that may include various written documents, photographs, videos or logbooks to record workplace activities. The logbook may include a reflection journal, student use the journals to reflect on workplace activities as required by the Unit of Competency.

The Benchmark Answers enables Assessors to make consistent judgements as to the quantity and relevance of the assessment evidence submitted by the student for assessment. This process allows assessment to meet the rules of evidence guidelines, and ensures consistent assessment results across all assessors.

Assessor Observation Checklists are the benchmarks used to measure a student’s performance against the ‘observable behaviours’ identified in each units. The process will guide Assessors when conducting assessment in the workplace ensuring students have vocational competence.

Self-paced activities

Self-paced activities direct the students learning experience in preparation for the classroom sessions. The Self-Paced Activities allow the student to comply with the AQF volume of learning requirements. SNAZZY Learning Solutions provide the benchmark answers to guide the assessors when marking the activities.

Session plans and PowerPoints

Our PowerPoints and Session plans are available for each training product these align the Student Workbooks and are used a guide to training in the classroom learning.